December 28th, 2013
For example, the best predictors of high intelligence include “Thunderstorms,” “The Colbert Report,” “Science,” and “Curly Fries,” whereas low intelligence was indicated by “Sephora,” “I Love Being A Mom,” “Harley Davidson,” and “Lady Antebellum.”
September 25th, 2013

Airplane and Zero Hour (the serious movie that Airplane is based on) together in one video


September 5th, 2013

If LMFAO and Sesame Street worked together on a music video, it would look a lot like this

Ylvis - The Fox


August 8th, 2013

Now this is how you make a memorable video to commemorate the re-launch of your company.


July 27th, 2013

Clips from 280 movies edited together to “sing” Ice Ice Baby


July 25th, 2013

Carlos Danger first appeared in 2011 as a Chuck Norris Fact in one of my booksThanks to    for the reminder!

July 11th, 2013
The Kentucky meat shower was an incident where large chunks of red meat fell from the sky in a 100 by 50 yard area near Olympia Springs, Bath County, Kentucky, for a period of several minutes on March 3, 1876. The phenomenon was reported by the New York Times and several other publications at the time.
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